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Welcome! I'm Aura Triolo, Animator and Artist. Games I've worked on include Fantastic Contraption, Overgrowth, Clockwork Empires and Dungeons of Dredmor, PC Gamer's 2011 Indie Game of the Year.

I'm a transgenderrific animator from Vancouver, BC, where I've spent the last decade working as a rigger, animator, and sometime-game-designer-coder at various indie studios. (You could say I'm a bit known for finding ways to help out wherever it's needed).

If you're working on something cool and need someone who's comfortably T-shaped, I might just be who you're looking for! You'll find links to my resume, portfolio, linkedin and all the rest on the interface above.

I'll leave you with a testimonal from my art director David Baumgart at Gaslamp Games:

GLG testimonial from @dgbaumgart

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