Aura Triolo


  • 10+ years of experience in 3D + 2D Animation & Rigging

  • Additional skillset includes programming, FX, and design

  • Enthusiastic, positive, & easy to work with

  • Experienced managing all animation + rigging + implementation on projects, start to finish


* Maya * Unity * Unreal * Blueprint * C# * Lua * Toonboom *


Ivy Road – 2019 to present – Animation Lead

  • Run Animation Department at Ivy Road. Manage anim team's responsibilities and scheduling, feedback, plus my own hands-on work on game animation, rigging, and tech implementation.

Fun Bits Interactive – 2018 to 2019– Animator

  • Contract animator on Squids from Space, creating polished new animations for the player characters & vehicles

Radial Games – 2017 to 2018– Animator/Rigger

  • Rigged + Animated a large amount of assets for various projects in preproduction

  • Game design + Coding for various preproduction prototypes

Freelance Animation – 2017 – Animator/Rigger

  • Rigged + Animated new mouse chara for post-release content on Fantastic Contraption (Radial Games)

  • Rig consulting + new animations for mech game Phantom Brigade (Then Tetragon Games, now Brace Yourself Games)

  • Contract animation for Wolfire Games’ Overgrowth

Gaslamp Games – 2011 to 2016 – Animator/Rigger

  • Rigged and animated all characters (1200+ animations, 30+ rigs) for Clockwork Empires. Defined animation style, worked with team, engine programmer & art director to present a consistent look within tech limitations.

  • Additional Clockwork Empires duties: FX animations, gameplay coding in lua, economy design, tutorial design, gameplay event design, blog posts for Gaslamp Games website

  • Created over 150 new sprite animations for Dungeons of Dredmor and its two expansion packs with an eye to keeping the art style consistent with previous artists’ work

Klicknation – 2011 - Animator

  • Created attack animations in Flash to be sold on the premium currency shop in Superhero City

Sizzle Entertainment – 2011 – Animator/Rigger

  • Rigged and animated main character of Jinx: Psychic Sidekick

Bioroid Studios – 2010 – Artist

  • Created 2d art assets for Monstercraft

Mova/Contour – 2009 - Animator

  • Blending/cleanup on mocap for OnLive announce trailer


Academy of Art University 2004-2008 San Francisco, CA

BFA 3D Animation


IGF Judge, 2016-Present

IGF Art Award Juror, 2023-Present


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